Amphitheatre Lodge

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The funky lodge is located at the foot of the Amphitheatre between Royal Natal National Park and Cathedral Peak Reserve. Here the emphasis of your stay is on having fun and filling each day with as many experiences as possible. From the lawn the entire Northern Drakensberg range is spread out in a breathtaking panorama enticing you to explore it!

While you are here, visit Lesotho and Tugela Falls (the highest waterfall in Africa), rock climb, horse ride, mountain bike, fly-fish. Prices are ridiculously cheap and service is excellent. Use the lodge as a base for two or three full days. Each day you can experience a new highlight without wasting time on unnecessary travelling.

The lodge takes its name from a unique part of the Northern Drakensberg that is shaped like a natural amphitheatre. It is here that the world famous Tugela Falls has its source, rising at Mont Aux Sources and then plunging down the 1km basalt wall, into Royal Natal National Park. Lesotho and South Africa are separated by this monolith.


Coordinates 28°39’21” S 29°09’00” E
Elevation 4003ft
Runway 02/20 1000m
Radio 129.10
Fuel None
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