Inverdoorn Game Reserve

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Inverdoorn is unique thanks to its geographical location. 10,000 hectares in the immensity of the Karoo. Inverdoorn lies at the gates of the desert. A desert mainly of bush that spreads its pallet of colours in the spring. A natural and flabbergasting metamorphosis. Inverdoorn was created out of passion for large spaces, respect for nature and an encounter with the authenticity of the local peoples.

The Inverdoorn Reserve is abundant. Troops of Antelopes, Giraffes, Oryx, Koudous, Zebras, Impalas and much more wander naturally through this site. Numerous births in springtime inspire us with great emotions.


Designator FAEN
Coordinates 33°07’00” S 19°49’00” E
Elevation 2008ft
Runway 01/19
Radio 126.50
Fuel None
Additional Information