Campbell Game Reserve

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The Kalahari Desert is situated in the North Eastern part of the Northern Cape province, stretching right across Botswana and is a day’s drive from Johannesburg. Here – close to the Botswana border in a remote area – a private game reserve has been established on 5,300 hectare (13,500 acres) of typical African Savannah, where a lucky few can experience and enjoy an extensive range of fauna and flora in the exclusive and relaxing environment of Campbell.

For thousands of years the area has been home to the Kalahari Bushmen, small and slender built people who eked out a living as hunters and gatherers. In this environment a unique hunting experience awaits the visitor, whilst stalking plains game as the Bushmen did. The lack of surface water characterises a desert. However, contrary to common expectations, a variety of grasses, bushes and tall trees are prevalent in the Kalahari.


Coordinates 26°22’17” S 22°32’45” EE
Elevation 3173ft
Runway 18/36
Radio 118.55
Fuel None
Additional Information